Rugby World Cup Teamwise Rankings & Performance

Rugby World Cup Rankings
Rugby World Cup Rankings

Rugby World Cup 2019 is the sports event of the year which is about to start in a few days. Twenty strong teams will be against each, first in the inter-pool matches and then the winners will be playing against each other to the next stage and finally to the Final match RWC 2019. To know about the live streaming RWC 2019 details switch on to our home page.

Here we have listed the countries Rankwise, their last performance in RWC and their prospects of performance in the upcoming World Cup. Let’s have a look at them :

1st Rank : Wales
Wales is one of the most favoured nations to win the Rugby World Cup and is ranked no.1 among the current participant teams. Wales has participated in all the competitions since it was established in 1987. It is placed in Pool D and it has reached semi-finals in 1987 & 2011 which is the best show of the team in Rugby World Cups it has played so far.

2nd Rank : New Zealand
Rugby is the national game of New Zealand & it is the team that has maximum no. of titles to its credit. It has won the World Cup title in 1987, 2011 & 2015 and thus becoming the two times defending champions. If it wins this time, it will be hatrick win and a record not easy to break.

3rd Rank : England
One of the nations with most rugby lovers fans across the nation, England has so far won one title of the world cup in 2003 and became runner up twice in 1991 and 2007.

4th Rank : Ireland
Ireland comes to no 4 in ranking with its past peformance and current form. It has not been able to win any World Cup title so far and has been able to reach till quarter finals maximum in the following years : 1987, 1991, 1995, 2003, 2011 & 2015.

5th Rank : South Africa
With two World Cup titles to its credit, South Africa is a team to reckon with. They will be playing their next match against New Zealand at the International stadium Yokohama. It became world champion in 1995 & 2007.

6th Rank : Australia
Australia last claimed its title to the world cup in 1999 and previous to that in 1991. Thus, the two times world champion will have chance to be the kings once agains and if they win, it will be after a long period of twenty years.

7th Rank : Scotland
Raring to win and claim the title they have never been able to the coveted Web Ellis Cup. Their last best performance was in 1991 when they could reach the semi finals. It will be playing its first match against Ireland being in Pool A at the International Stadium Yokohama.

8th Rank : France
Three times runner up and never reached till the final title. That’s the history of France in Rugby World Cup where it was away from the trophy just one step but could not make it for three times in 1987, 1999 & 2011.

9th Rank : Japan
The host to Rugby World Cup 2019 and a country aspiring to become more affluent in the game, Japan has been polishing itself in the game and has tried to popularize the game across the nation and the world. Till now, it has been limited till the pool stage only and we expect a better performance this year on their own land.

10th Rank : Fiji
Fiji is included in Pool D this time and will be playing against Australia at Sapporo Dome. It has two Quarter finals to its credit and never made it to the finals, one was in 1987 & another was in 2007.

11th Rank : Argentina
Argentina is well known for football also and rugby fans of the country would like their team to clinch the trophy this time for the nation and make it proud. Their best performance so far was in 2007 & 2015 in the semi finals and they will be playing France in the Pool C.

12th Rank : Georgia
The best performance the Georgian Rugby Team has given so far in world cups has been in 2003, 2007, 2011 & 2015 wherein it finished and satisfied itself at the pool stage. This rugby season will show the improvedments of the team.

13th Rank : Italy
Italy has been playing Rugby World Cup since the beginning of the world cup in 1987 but has never been able to reach ahead of the pool stage. It played in 1987, 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011 & 2015 and finished off with the pool stage only and neve reach the next level. Thus, a lot of things needs to be done in case the team is aiming for the Cup.

14th Rank : USA
USA has been a participant of the RWC since the first one in 1987. It has played all world cups except 1995. In all these tournaments it has kept itself limited to the pool stage and never came to the next step closer to the cup. Their first match will be against England in Pool C at the Kobe Misaki stadium.

15th Rank : Tonga
Tonga is also a team playing the world cup since 1987 but never touched the feat of winning the world cup. Not reached to the next level of pools and thus returned from the pools stage. It will be playing against England for the next match and it needs to be seen if they have come with new zeal and strategies to move ahead and change the history.

16th Rank : Samoa
Samoa will be facing Russia in the Pool stage match which will be held at Kumagaya Rugby stadium. The best this team has shown so far was in 1991 & 1995 where it could reach the quarter finals.

19th Rank : Uruguay
Uruguay is also the same story at Samoa and has been limited to the pools stage in 1999, 2003 & 2015. It will face Fiji under the Pool stage at Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium.

20th Rank : Russia
Russia first qualified to play for the world cup in 2011 wherein it settled for the pool stage. Currently it is ranked 20th and only the coming matches can say if the ranking may improve or deteriorate.

21st Rank : Canada
It was last in 1991 wherein Canada was able to find a place in Quarter finals and it became its benchmark performance. It has never been able to cross it and won the world cup title. It will be opening its RWC 2019 match with Italy at Fukuoka Hakatanomori stadium being in Pool B.

23rd Rank : Namibia
Namibia is the country with lowest ranking among the teams of the Rugby World Cup. It will play Italy at Hanazono Rugby Stadium. It has always settled at pool stage so far in the history it has played all the games and the upcoming performance will only decide its future rankings.

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