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Rugby World cup 2019
Rugby Winners Cup

This is the Rugby World Cup ninth edition. Rugby World Cup 2019 will be held in Japan. RWC 2019 will kick off on 20th September 2019 and end on 2nd November 2019. A total of 79 teams from around the world were involved in some stage of qualifying. Only 20 teams was qualified in the Rugby World Cup 2019. Below all the details of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Pool stage and fixtures .

The Rugby World Cup 2019 Pool draw took place on 10 May 2017 in Kyoto. The Seeding system from previous RWC world cup was retained with the 12 teams automatic qualifiers from 2015 . First the band base draw :

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Band 1 : the four highest ranked teams

New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, England

Band 2 : the next four highest ranked teams

Scotland, France, South Africa, Wales

Band 3 : The final four directly qualified teams

Argentina, japan , Georgia, Italy

Band 4 : Oceania 1, Americas 1, Europe 1, Africa 1

Fiji, United States, Russia, Nambia

Band 5: – Oceania 2, Americas 2, Play-off Winner, Repechage Winner

Tonga, Uruguay, Samoa, Canada

Rugby World Cup 2019 Pool Stage Info

Then after the 20 teams are divided into four pools of five teams. Below the details of pool stage of Rugby World Cup 2019.

Pool A : Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Samoa, Russia

Pool B : NZ, SA, Italy, Namibia, Canada

Pool C : England, France, Argentina, United States, Tonga

Pool D : Australia, Wales, Georgia, Fiji, Uruguay

Rugby World Cup 2019 Fixtures Or Matches Schedule

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Match 1: Japan vs Russia (Pool A), Tokyo Stadium;

Friday 20 September, 7:45 PM

Match 2: Australia vs Fiji (Pool D), Sapporo Dome;

Saturday 21 September, 1:45 PM

Match 3: France vs Argentina (Pool C), Tokyo Stadium;

Saturday 21 September, 4:15 PM

Match 4: New Zealand vs South Africa (Pool B), International Stadium Yokohama;

Saturday 21 September, 6:45 PM

Match 5: Italy vs Namibia (Pool B), Hanazono Rugby Stadium;

Sunday 22 September, 2:15 PM

Match 6: Ireland vs Scotland (Pool A), International Stadium Yokohama; Sunday 22 September, 4:45 PM

Match 7: England vs Tonga (Pool C), Sapporo Dome;

Sunday 22 September, 7:15 PM

Match 8: Wales vs Georgia (Pool D), City of Toyota Stadium;

Monday 23 September, 7:15 PM

Match 9: Russia vs Samoa (Pool A), Kumagaya Rugby Stadium;

Tuesday 24 September, 7:15 PM

Match 10: Fiji vs Uruguay (Pool D), Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium; Wednesday 25 September, 2:15 PM

Match 11: Italy vs Canada (Pool B), Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium; Thursday 26 September, 4:45 PM

Match 12: England vs USA (Pool C), Kobe Misaki Stadium;

Thursday 26 September, 7:45 PM

Match 13: Argentina vs Tonga (Pool C), Hanazono Rugby Stadium;

Saturday 28 September, 1:45 PM

Match 14: Japan vs Ireland (Pool A), Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa;

Saturday 28 September, 4:15 PM

Match 15: South Africa vs Namibia (Pool B), City of Toyota Stadium; Saturday 28 September, 6:45 PM

Match 16: Georgia vs Uruguay (Pool D), Kumagaya Rugby Stadium;

Sunday 29 September, 2:15 PM

Match 17: Australia vs Wales (Pool D), Tokyo Stadium;

Sunday 29 September, 4:45 PM

Match 18: Scotland vs Samoa (Pool A), Kobe Misaki Stadium;

Monday 30 September, 7:15 PM

Match 19: France vs USA (Pool C), Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium; Wednesday 2 October, 4:45 PM

Match 20: New Zealand vs Canada (Pool B), Oita Stadium;

Wednesday 2 October, 7:15 PM

Match 21: Georgia vs Fiji (Pool D), Hanazono Rugby Stadium;

Thursday 3 October, 2:15 PM

Match 22: Ireland vs Russia (Pool A), Kobe Misaki Stadium; Thursday 3 October, 7:15 PM

Match 23: South Africa vs Italy (Pool B), Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa; Friday 4 October, 6:45 PM

Match 24: Australia vs Uruguay (Pool D), Oita Stadium;

Saturday 5 October, 2:15 PM

Match 25: England vs Argentina (Pool C), Tokyo Stadium;

Saturday 5 October, 5 PM

Match 26: Japan vs Samoa (Pool A), City of Toyota Stadium;

Saturday 5 October, 7.30 PM

Match 27: New Zealand vs Namibia (Pool B), Tokyo Stadium;

Sunday 6 October, 1:45 PM

Match 28: France vs Tonga (Pool C), Kumamoto Stadium;

Sunday 6 October, 4:45 PM

Match 29: South Africa vs Canada (Pool B), Koba Misaki Stadium;

Tuesday 8 October, 7:15 PM

Match 30: Argentina vs USA (Pool C), Kumagaya Rugby Stadium; Wednesday 9 October, 1:45 PM

Match 31: Scotland vs Russia (Pool A), Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa;

Wednesday 9 October, 4:15 PM

Match 32: Wales vs Fiji (Pool D), Oita Stadium;

Wednesday 9 October, 6:45 PM

Match 33: Australia vs Georgia (Pool D), Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa;

Friday 11 October, 7:15 PM

Match 34: New Zealand vs Italy (Pool B), City of Toyota Stadium;

Saturday 12 October, 1:45 PM

Match 35: England vs France (Pool C), International Stadium Yokohama; Saturday 12 October, 5:15 PM

Match 36: Ireland vs Samoa (Pool A), Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium; Saturday 12 October, 7:45 PM

Match 37: Namibia vs Canada (Pool B), Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium;

Sunday 13 October, 12:15 PM

Match 38: USA vs Tonga (Pool C), Hanazono Rugby Stadium;

Sunday 13 October, 2:45 PM

Match 39: Wales vs Uruguay (Pool D), Kumamoto Stadium;

Sunday 13 October, 5:15 PM

Match 40: Japan vs Scotland (Pool A), International Stadium Yokohama; Sunday 13 October, 7:45 PM


Match 41: Winner Pool C vs Runner-Up Pool D, Oita Stadium;

Saturday 19 October, 4:15 PM

Match 42: Winner Pool B vs Runner-Up Pool A, Tokyo Stadium;

Saturday 19 October, 7:15 PM

Match 43: Winner Pool D vs Runner-Up Pool C, Oita Stadium;

Sunday 20 October, 4:15 PM

Match 44: Winner Pool A vs Runner-Up Pool B, Tokyo Stadium;

Sunday 20 October, 7:15 PM


Match 45: Winner Quarter-Final 1 vs Winner Quarter-Final 2, International Stadium Yokohama, 5 PM

Match 46: Winner Quarter-Final 3 vs Winner Quarter-Final 4, International Stadium Yokohama, 6 PM

Third-Place Play-Off

Match 47: Loser Semi-Final 1 vs Loser Semi-Final 2, Tokyo Stadium;

Friday 1 November, 6 PM


Match 48: Winner Semi-Final 1 vs Winner Semi-final 2, International Stadium Yokohama;

Saturday 2 November, 6 PM