Webb Ellis Cup, the Trophy for Rugby World Cup Winner arrives in Japan

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Rugby World cup was first ever played in 1987 and ever since the first World Cup, Webb Ellis Cup has been presented to the winner of the Rugby World Cup. Being named after the inventor of rugby football William Webb Ellis, it is the coveted trophy that after every rugby team fights for, this time it being in Japan.

The trophy is silver gilt and this is the first time that the trophy will be awarded in Asian nation since first time a rugby world cup is being held in Asia.

There have been winners across the globe for the coveted trophy viz Newzealand has won the trophy three times, Australia two time and Africa also two times and once by England in 2003. This season will further decide who will held the trophy and make a mark in the history of Rugby.

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Now the cup has arrived in Japan for the historic World Cup that 2019 is going to see. Emirates which are also a sponsor for the game, brought the Cup to Japan via a flight from Dubai to Tokyo which was received by Organizing committe CEO Akira Shimazu accompanied by World Rugby Chief Executive Brett Gosper.

The trophy has already travelled across the globe and visited more than 15 countries having a impact on the people about the game and also bring awareness about the game. It has been to the iconic wonder of the world Taj Mahal in India, the Great Wall of China and many such regional famous places so as to inspire the fans about the game.

The trophy has now been set on a tour of Japan and it will go to all the twelve host cities where Rugby matches will be played also including the historic Kyoto and Hiroshima. The trophy will go to public places acting as a symbol of togetherness for all nations.

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