World Rugby Considering to Change Laws including 50-22 Kick and Incident Review

Rugy World Cup 2019 Ireland Vs Italy
Rugy World Cup 2019 Ireland Vs Italy

The spike in the number of injuries that Rugby players go through and recent death of four players of France has forced the organizers of Rugby championship to bring about such changes that take care of the players and their safety.

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Recently, there was a meeting at Paris, France which was attended by Rugby professionals along with medical professionals and organizers that has agreed to put forward law changes proposal to Law Review Group(LRG). The LRG will then decide about the fate of the proposals made and to minimize the injuries and thereby increase the safety of the players.

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France lost four players in the game and the meeting that was held at FFR headquarters in Paris, was also attended by France Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu and various new proposals were discussed so that the way this favourite sport is played is having minimal hazards and injuries to its participants.

One such change that was proposed was introduction of 50-22 kick. This will reward the team which kicks a ball out on the bounce from inside their own half into opposition’s 22. The team that will successfully kick the ball out would be rewarded an attacking line out in the hope defending teams would be forced to commit more players to back field and thus less players involved in the defensive line where maximum number of collisions occur. Less collisions means less injury.

The other change in proposal was to give 10 minute period to decide if player should be shown red card due to foul play to off field referees. To brief it, if any player is found to be playing foul and minimum threshold for yellow card is reached, the player would not be allowed to play for 10 minutes and thus removed from the field. In the ten minutes time, the off field referees will have the time to check the video evidence and decide if the player should be issued a red card. This proposal would see justice done more often, as quoted by one of the delegate.

All the changes are in their primary stage of proposal to the respective adjudging bodies, if they can be applied to a meaningful sporting level needs to be seen and if can achieve their goals.

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